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There is also 'selected papers of Richard Feynman, with commentary' for the more advanced reader, but I haven't read it personally. The Feynman Lectures on Physics is a comprehensive overview of standard undergraduate curriculum. It is not based on Feynman's own original research, which is what the OP is requesting. Thanks for Reply.

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I found these. Quantum Electrodynamics 2. Selected Papers of Richard Feynman with commentry. Edited by Lawrei Brown. I've never checked but I assume many of his papers have been put online? MathematicalPhysicist Gold Member. Also his notes on a course he gave at caltech on quantum gravity found their way to book form. Jorriss said:.

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Posted Jan 22, Replies 14 Views 7K. Feynman or Serway? Posted May 8, Replies 6 Views 2K. Feynman Lectures. Posted Nov 8, Replies 2 Views The Feynman Lectures. Landau had shown that below a certain temperature the properties of liquid helium were similar to those of a mixture of two fluids; this is known as the two-fluid model. Feynman showed that a roton, which is a quantity of rotational motion that can be found in liquid helium, is the quantum mechanical equivalent of a rapidly spinning ring whose diameter is almost equal to the distance between the helium atoms in the liquid.

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  • This discovery gave Landau's theory a foundation in atomic theory. Richard Feynman did work in many other areas of physics, including important work on the theory of Beta-decay, a process whereby the nucleus of a radioactive atom emits an electron, thereby transforming into a different atom with a different atomic number.

    His interest in the weak nuclear force-which is the force that makes the process of radioactive decay possible-led Feynman and American physicist Murray Gell-Mann to the supposition that the emission of beta-particles from radioactive nuclei acts as the chief agitator in the decay process. As James Gleick explained in Genius, Feynman also contributed to a "theory of partons, hypothetical hard particles inside the atom's nucleus, that helped produce the modern understanding of quarks. Feynman wrote many theoretical physics books which are in use in universities around the country, as well as a series entitled Feynman's Lectures in Physics, which he put together based on several terms of physics lectures he gave at the California Institute of Technology in The lectures presented a completely revolutionary approach to teaching university physics, providing a valuable resource to all physics majors.

    He also dabbled in many areas outside of physics, including drumming and drawing. Feynman was named to the member special Rogers commission that investigated the accident.

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    When public hearings began in February, the discussion quickly turned toward the effect of cold temperatures on O-rings. These rubber rings seal the joints of the solid rocket boosters on either side of the large external tank that holds the liquid oxygen and hydrogen fuel for the shuttle. Using a glass of ice water, Feynman demonstrated how slowly the O-ring regained its original shape when it was cold. Because of the O-ring's slow reaction time, hot gases had escaped, eroded the ring, and burned a hole in the side of the right solid rocket booster, ultimately causing the explosion of the space craft.

    In October , Feynman was diagnosed with Myxoid liposarcoma, a rare cancer that affects the soft tissues of the body. The tumor from the cancer weighed six pounds and was located in the back of his abdomen, where it destroyed his left kidney. Feynman was diagnosed with another cancerous abdominal tumor in October and died of complications on February 19, The theoretical work of Richard Phillips Feynman opened up the doors to research in quantum electrodynamics. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for his work in quantum electrodynamics.

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      Selected Papers of Richard Feynman: with Commentary by Richard P. Feynman (Paperback, 2000)

      The Feynman Lectures on Physics. Richard Phillips Feynman Edit Profile physicist Richard Feynman was an American theoretical physicist who was widely regarded as the most brilliant, influential, and iconoclastic figure in his field in the post-World War II era. More photos. View map. Born May 11, February 19, aged