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He liked to dress in crazy clothes and have long hair which people found very shocking at the time. The surrealists appealed to his wild sense of humour, they invented surrealist games and enjoyed putting different objects together to make something playful and disturbing at the same time. Surrealism Artists Salvador Dali.

Salvador Dali: A collection of 933 works (HD)

Totally atypical and with a complex character, this artist embodies the surrealist movement. Artworks Discover the works of surrealist artist Salvador Dali. This gallery contains only the paintings of the famous painter of the Surrealist movement.

Eccentric character Salvador Dali has marked minds because of both his physical aspect, his appalling statements and because of his work. Great artist whose paintings verge on genious, he was a man out of the common, known for his taste for the bizarre. At the opening of the London Surrealist exhibition in , he delivered a lecture titled "Fantomes paranoiaques athentiques" "Authentic paranoid ghosts" while dressed in a wetsuit, carrying a billiard cue and walking a pair of Russian wolfhounds.

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He later said that his attire was a depiction of "plunging into the depths" of the human mind. They remained there until , when they moved back to his beloved Catalonia. His ever-expanding mind had ventured into new subjects. He often called this period "Nuclear Mysticism. He would incorporate optical illusions, holography and geometry within his paintings. Much of his work contained images depicting divine geometry, the DNA, the Hyper Cube and religious themes of Chastity.

Who Was Salvador Dalí?

The site is also known for housing the broadest range of work by the artist, from his earliest artistic experiences to works that he created during the last years of this life. Several works on permanent display were created expressly for the museum. As a result, all rights to his collection were sold without his permission by other business managers and he lost much of his wealth.

Two wealthy American art collectors, A. Petersburg, Florida.

Salvador Dali: Surrealist Artist

No longer able to hold a paint brush, he'd lost the ability to express himself the way he knew best. The two events sent him into a deep depression. He moved to Pubol, in a castle that he had purchased and remodeled for Gala, possibly to hide from the public or, as some speculate, to die. Due to his injuries, he was confined to wheelchair.

Friends, patrons and fellow artists rescued him from the castle and returned him to Figueres, making him comfortable at the Teatro-Museo. After a brief convalescence, he returned to the Teatro-Museo. His funeral was held at the Teatro-Museo, where he was buried in a crypt. We strive for accuracy and fairness.