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It's anarchic. It's irreverant. It's passionate. It's BrewDog. Go fast or go home.

Business For Punks: Starting Up A Company The BrewDog Way

Forget sales. Be a selfish bastard and ignore advice. These are the mantras that have fuelled BrewDog, the fastest-growing UK food and drinks company for three years running. Created by a pair of young Glaswegians with a passion for beer, Brewdog has catalysed a craft ale revolution, gone global, and inadvertently created a whole new approach to business. After practicing law for all of two weeks, James Watt walked out on his legal career to start BrewDog craft brewery with his best friend, Martin Dickie.

They didn't do it with a business plan; they did it with a mission to revolutionize beer drinking in the UK, to put flavor back into beer glasses and make other people as passionate about craft beer as they are.

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Or is there a well thought-out and constructed business strategy and philosophy here? Watt is on a mission to convince us of the former. It's a philosophy of passion, undying devotion, grinding hard work, nailing colours to the mast, exhausting all avenues and maintaining control of a business while desperately trying to convince banks to lend. Under the heading "Make Banks Your Bitch," the narrative advises: "In short, get a one-dimensional financial android to think in your terms and believe in you.

Get them to fall in love with what securing your business might do for their career. They want toi climb that greasy pole. If they think your business will help them do that, you will have them wrapped around your little finger.

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All this makes one think that BrewDog's founders may not be the sort of chaps you might want to encounter on a dark night at the back of a brewery. Yet there are strong values too: patience, steadfastness, belief, integrity and innovation. Maybe you're not going to get beaten up at the brewery after all. Business for Punks isn't exactly a relaxing read but Watt has written it the same way that he runs the business.

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Business for Punks Break All the Rules the BrewDog Way

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